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Green Cards

The Benefits and Limitations of NYC green cards

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With the exception of citizenship itself, a green card grants the holder the broadest rights and privileges available under U.S. immigration law. A person with a green card may remain in the United States indefinitely as a legal permanent resident and may even use the status to help certain family members obtain residency. Moreover, for those seeking naturalization, obtaining a green card is frequently an essential step in the process. As you may expect, however; with these broad rights comes a complex application process and numerous requirements and limitations. At Bretz & Coven, LLP, we have helped businesses and individuals throughout NYC and the United States at large navigate this complex process and obtain green cards for themselves, their families and their employees in the timeliest manner possible.

Who can get a green card?

A green card grants more rights than even the most expansive types of visas. For that reason, issuance is strictly limited, usually to those who have a current citizen or permanent resident willing to vouch for him or her. There are several methods of obtaining a green card:

  • Sponsorship by a family member — A U.S. citizen can sponsor a spouse or unmarried child under the age of 21 for an immediate green card. The government also issues a limited number of green cards to older or married children on a lower priority basis. Similarly, current green card holders can sponsor family members, but such green cards are also issued on a low-priority basis.
  • Sponsorship by an employer — Companies that hire foreign employees and obtain a certification that doing so is necessary and will not adversely affect market wages can sponsor his or her employees for green cards. Persons of extraordinary ability can also self-petition for green cards without the need of an employer sponsor.
  • Refugees and asylees — Those granted asylum or admitted to the U.S. as refugees may apply for green cards for themselves and their families after one year.

In addition to these more commonly utilized routes; there are also other less common methods of obtaining a green card that an experienced immigration attorney can help you explore. The process for obtaining a green card can differ substantially, depending on the path you are using and whether you are applying from inside or outside the United States. However, by working with our team at Bretz & Coven, you can have confidence that you are taking the right steps, meeting necessary deadlines and doing everything possible to expedite your application.

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