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FAQ About Green Cards

Green Card Process in New York City

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Get a Green Card in New York and New Jersey

What is a green card?

A green card is your permanent residence in the United States. After you obtain your green card, you may apply for citizenship after five years. There are some exceptions, if you are married to a United States citizen, it is only three years. Also those in the United States military get certain advantages. Bretz & Coven has helped many types of clients apply for green cards in New York City.

What are the benefits of a green card?

Once you successfully satisfy the green card process, you have the status of a permanent resident, and you have the legal right to live and work in the U.S. We have helped many clients through the green card process in New York City, even when the case is complicated by unlawful entry or criminal charges and the needs an immigration waiver.

How do I get a green card?

You need to work with a green card lawyer who knows how aspects of immigration law affect each other—this is a complicated practice area, and the rules are confusing and even illogical.

Five ways to get a green card in New York City and elsewhere in the U.S.:

  • Your employer sponsors you via a labor certification
  • You are a person of extraordinary ability, and you can petition for yourself without a sponsor
  • You invest financially in the U.S.
  • A close family member with a specific status in the United States sponsors you
  • You are eligible for Asylum or Refugee status

There are a few other ways as well. For example, if you are facing removal proceedings and have resided in the U.S. for more than ten years, can demonstrate you are a person of good moral character and that if deported, it would result in extreme and unusual hardship to either a spouse, parent or child who is either a lawful permanent resident (green card) or a United States citizen. This is called Cancellation of Removal. Our office can help you understand how to get a green card and what you need to do to satisfy the process.

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