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H-1 Visas

A Law Firm Obtaining H-1 Temporary Work Visas for Specialty Workers in NYC

We can help you meet the requirements for temporary work in the United States

There are many reasons an employer in the United States may choose to satisfy temporary labor needs with foreign personnel. In recognition of this, U.S. immigration authorities have instituted numerous temporary work visa programs, including several types of H-1 temporary work visas. The U.S. government, however; also has an interest in reserving domestic employment for lawful permanent residents and U.S. citizens. Therefore, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services place strict requirements and prerequisites on businesses seeking to use temporary foreign labor. Our team at Bretz & Coven, LLP has assisted businesses throughout NYC in understanding and meeting these requirements. We can help you or your business take the steps necessary to obtain H-1 and other types of temporary work visas.

Types of H-1 visas

There are numerous types of visas available to temporary workers in the United States. Most are segregated based on the type of work they expect to perform:

  • H-1B visas — These visas are available for workers in specialty occupations generally requiring a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent. Employers seeking to bring in workers on H-1B visas must file a Labor Condition Application (LCA) with the U.S. Department of Labor certifying that they will provide wages and working conditions up to U.S. standards.
  • H-1B2 visas — This special program is reserved for employers engaged in cooperative research and development projects with the U.S. Department of Defense. It allows degree holders and other specialty certified foreign workers to temporarily live and work in the United States and does not require a labor certification or LCA.
  • H-1B3 visas — This visa program allows prominent fashion models to temporarily live and work in the United States. It requires the employer to file an LCA attesting that he or she will provide competitive wages and working conditions prior to petitioning for the visa.
  • H-1C visas — This visa program allows foreign national registered nurses to enter the United States and practice at a qualifying hospital. Hospitals seeking to participate in this program must be in an area with a recognized shortage of health professionals. The hospitals must also have at least 190 beds and substantial Medicare and Medicaid populations, and it must be certified by the U.S. Department of Labor.

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With substantial knowledge of the various temporary worker programs available under U.S. immigration law, including the H-1 visa programs, our attorneys at Bretz & Coven, LLP have assisted companies throughout NYC in navigating U.S. immigration law. Contact our experienced immigration lawyers in New York City today at 1 (212) 267-2555 or online for creative solutions to your complex immigration problems.  For an office appointment in Metro Park, New Jersey, call 1 (732) 313-0075.

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