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Who Can We Help?

Who Can We Help?

U.S. Immigration Clients

Bretz & Coven helps all types of U.S. immigration clients.

We know that each case is unique, but we also know that many of the concerns of immigrants are the same across cultures and languages—you want to know that you can remain in the U.S.

We can help.  We have worked with clients who have needs ranging from simple petitions to complex cases involving expired paperwork or criminal charges. We pride ourselves on finding creative solutions to complex immigration issues.

We help people with all sorts of immigration problems:

  • Immigration violations
  • Deportation defense
  • Removal proceedings
  • Immigration consequences of criminal charges
  • Identification issues, including photos or documents
  • Marriage violations or petitions
  • Family-based green card petitions
  • Employment-based green cards
  • Visas for family members, employees, and investors
  • Extraordinary persons visas
  • Asylum
  • Federal court challenges
  • Travel permission and re-entry
  • Consular services abroad
  • Waivers
  • Help with naturalization

Contact us for help with U.S. immigration law or to learn more about who we help.

What Our Clients Say about U.S. Immigration

You may think your immigration issue is too complicated to find a solution.  Bretz & Coven attorneys can help.  Read what some of our clients have said to us:

“This government wants to send my husband out of the country.  This will be terrible for me and my children.  Other lawyers won’t take our case.  Will you help us?”

“I have stayed in the United States for too long.  Now I am illegal and in a lot of trouble.  You have helped many people from my neighborhood.  They trust you and believe in you.  Please help me stay in this country.”

“Mr. Coven, you have helped my brother stay in America . . . now, my sister needs your help.”

“I’m about to be deported.  Can you help me?”

“Mr. Bretz, my son committed a minor crime and now the government wants to send him back to our country.  I read about you in the New York Times.  Please take our case.”

Who can we help?  We can help you.

For experienced lawyers in areas my law firm does not handle, contact the New York City Bar Association’s Legal Referral Service at www.nycbar.org/LRS or 212-626-7373.

Call 1 (212) 267-2555 for help with U.S. immigration law.  For an office appointment in Metro Park, New Jersey, call 1 (732) 313-0075.

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