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Immigration Reform

Comprehensive Immigration Reform in New York City and New Jersey

Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants & Z-Visas

Bretz & Coven is poised to help immigrants take advantage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform, a movement that has been proposed several times to provide amnesty for illegal immigrants through the issuance of a Z-Visa or similar amnesty.

The present U.S. administration has certain goals for immigration reform that honor our values as a nation and support the contributions of immigrants to our economic development.

Bretz & Coven stays involved in how these goals affect our clients and assists in helping to secure amnesty for illegal immigrants to the extent the law allows.

Mr. Kerry Bretz is a founding member of Immigrant's List, a bipartisan political action committee. Immigrant's List works to help elect candidates who care about meaningful immigration reform.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform has come up time and time again over the past few years—and failed every time. If Comprehensive Immigration Reform is important to you, you can write a letter to your U.S. House Representative through Immigrant's List or to your representative and U.S. Senators through Justice for Immigrants who lets them know what you want for America.

What is comprehensive immigration reform?

Comprehensive Immigration Reform comprises American ideals about immigration and aims to create a new way to provide amnesty for illegal immigrants by granting Z-visas or similar allowances to people in the United States.

Bretz & Coven believes that immigration reforms reflect the firm's ideas of diversity, and we are excited to help more people contribute to our nation and enjoy the benefits of living and working here lawfully.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform aims to improve U.S. Immigration:

Immigrants in the U.S. should be recognized for their present contributions.

Immigrants who live and work without lawful status still contribute to our nation. Reform seeks to recognize that contribution and create a Z-Visa or similar opportunity for immigrants to become a lawful part of America.

Our immigration system can do more for people who are here lawfully.

Lawful immigrants deserve to remain with their families—amnesty for illegal immigrants allows lawful immigrants to stay with the people they love. Once illegal immigrants have a Z-Visa or similar allowance, they can benefit from jobs that support the U.S.

Immigrants should not have incentives to come here unlawfully.

Once an immigrant is here unlawfully, he or she is likely to live "in the shadows." Sometimes, employers create incentives to come here unlawfully; sometimes, circumstances in the immigrant's home country create the incentive.

Either way, Comprehensive Immigration Reform seeks to empower the rule of law, so that people may benefit from the U.S. and the U.S. can remain strong.


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