Our team of dedicated attorneys at Bretz & Coven, LLP are known throughout New York City for enthusiastically taking on the cases that other lawyers turn down. When we believe an injustice is being done, we are prepared to fight for our clients — in federal court, if necessary. Our firm is AV-Rated® Preeminent™ Peer Review Rated by Martindale-Hubbell®, and our team includes a former litigator for the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). Because of our reputation in immigration law, other immigration attorneys often refer difficult cases to us.


Our work is not limited to the administrative process of immigration. While we eagerly help individuals and families understand the process of obtaining citizenship, New York residency or a green card, we consider complex cases to be the strongpoint of our practice. Our attorneys have argued immigration appeals in federal appellate courts and have had a statute declared unconstitutional. We are dedicated to comprehensive immigration reform and remain invested in the latest immigration legislation and rulemaking, including deferred action. This allows us to advise our clients in New York of the full range of options available to them:

  • Adjustment of status

  • Asylum

  • Available types of visas

  • Immigration Consequences to Criminal Convictions

  • Waivers

  • Removal defense

  • Special programs and treaties


Crimmigration is where criminal law and immigration law are connected to each other. Bretz & Coven has over 25 years of experience counseling non-citizens and lawyers on the immigration consequences of criminal convictions and alleged criminal conduct. The immigration consequences of criminal conduct can be quite severe and often illogical. Sometimes a minor criminal matter can result in detention without bail, deportation and removal, inadmissibility (not eligible to enter or return to the U.S.) as well as denial of a green card or citizenship.  Non-citizens facing a criminal matter or with past criminal issues, should know and understand how that criminal history affects them.  We offer full-service representation in such cases and can give a detailed legal opinion regarding the immigration consequences of a non-citizen’s criminal history.


Post-Conviction Relief (PCR) refers to motions that may lead to overturning a conviction, changing the plea or modifying a sentence.  Once the immigration consequences are known, a strategy may be employed seeking post-conviction relief or a 440 Motion to change or modify that conviction. Bretz & Coven has developed a focused practice in the New York City and New York State Courts challenging convictions. Such changes to a conviction sometimes result in less or no immigration consequences.  New York Criminal Procedure Law (NYCPL) (440 Motions) permits former defendants to withdraw a plea or attack a conviction at any time based upon a defect in the proceedings or ineffective assistance of the former lawyer.  Sometimes that defect or ineffective assistance of counsel was that the defendant never knew the immigration consequences of that plea.


At Bretz & Coven, many of our staff members and New York City immigration lawyers have gone through the federal immigration process before working with our firm. We know what you are going through, and we want to help, whether you want to know about the different types of visas or need to prevent deportation. An attorney at our firm can explain what is happening at every phase of your case in clear, understandable language and address your expectations and concerns. A comprehensive strategy for your business or your family lets you feel confident, as does our commitment to keeping you apprised and moving the process forward in a timely manner.

With more than two decades of immigration law experience, we do not limit ourselves to the mainline approaches. Instead, we evaluate your full array of options and use our in-depth, practical knowledge of the system to get results even if another lawyer cannot help you. Our thorough understanding of immigration procedures — both official and unofficial — allow us to more effectively help our clients navigate the process and avoid many of the problems that can otherwise occur.


We at Bretz & Coven, LLP understand how stressful and confusing the immigration process can be, so we take special care to keep you informed and comfortable. Contact our experienced immigration lawyers in New York City today at 212-267-2555 or online for creative solutions to your complex immigration problems.